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Employee Benefits, Health Insurance & Voluntary Benefits

Society for Human Resource Management Survey Found:

The survey found that 88% of employers ranked health-related benefits as “very important” or “extremely important,” prioritizing it above retirement savings, leave, family care, education, and transportation benefits.

Offering You Employees Benefits is Key to Recruitment and Retention

In this competitive landscape being able to offer affordable health benefits to current and future employees can have a lasting effect on the growth of your business. Combine this competitive landscape with the constant increase in business overhead and we have found ourselves in a situation where finding the right benefits for the right price has become of upmost importance.

Did You Know The Average Health Insurance Broker Charges $20-$25 PEPM?

This broker fee could be adding thousands to the cost of offering your employees health insurance benefits. For example if you have 50 employees, the broker fee could be as high as $1,250 per month! Seem ridiculously high? We think so too. Looking for the same plan but with a lower rate? We can get that done simply by reducing our broker fees. To see just how much you can save click below.

Benefits Administration Made Easy

Having the right benefits administration software can take a lot of the stress off of your HR staff. Having a program like Employee Navigator can link your payroll directly to your benefits carriers reducing the need to multiple points of data entry. Best of all, this software is FREE to all Ragnar Group Inc. clients with a traditional benefits package.